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ROI is about the quality of data and the 'completeness' of  Visual Outcomes

As a complete software, you are making a cost-effective decision.

Consider your current needs and the advantages of an all-in-one software.

Cut down all the helpdesk support and training costs =seamless management of all staff outputs

Measure and monitor sustainable business plans with Reporting at your fingertips.

Visual Outcomes data = an easy SWOT and as you build the KPIs  with data across all processes.

ROI in this investment in Visual Outcomes: ensures you can achieve your practice goals. 

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Visual Outcomes is built “future proof" - Built to stay in step with new technology and and always a focus to protect health and personal information PHI .  

Visual Outcomes delivers remote care management for all your clients - an online clinic and telehealth; all inbuilt in your own  PMS CRM EMR.  

Visual Outcomes online clinic facility is a mainstay of your future-proof " delivery of client centric healthcare/ new medical functionality"

Visual Outcomes is built to protect health and personal data and minimize cyberattack and data breaches. The inbuilt online clinic or client access portal gives you this assurance. The inbuilt facilities are secured as opposed to a third party software / Telehealth or portal API linked into your database that may have security vulnerabilities. 

Baseline costs  are per month per practitioner: A practitioner is defined as personnel in the system who can take appointments issue invoices and receive payments in the system. All other users are not charged for as part of the monthly fee; this is to help you have as many users as you want to support your business.  

There are new and evolving models of healthcare; Visual Outcomes is built to support these. There are also more demands of regulators and security advancements. Request a demo to understand what this means as you choose the best ROI of software to serve your business now.  

Email: and ask us for a "ballpark quote" as to your practice

Please write to our support team to discuss your needs.

We are consultants not sales people.

Describe your clinic and needs for now as to your size (practitioner-types, number of providers to how many clinics) and any planning/goals as to 2 years and 10 years. We can then give you a competitive quote for your consideration. 

A great ROI with just one software that does it all 


Let us show you what Visual Outcomes can do for you now

We are a client centric clinic.clinical software built for now and the future of healthcare 


Single Platform

There is an immense amount of data.  Deciphering and sorting it is extremely valuable. This is why having unified and structured data will provide your clinic an infinitely complete and accurate picture of its status and operation. Transforming data into knowledge brings valuable decision-making power.

Full Practice Management

From Front Desk to Financials and everything in between. Full practice management - serving future needs now!

Data is KING!

Visual Outcomes brings the data to support great partnerships of healthcare success. Business Intelligence is Key to enterprise healthcare and medicine. Business services /VO Analyzer.

EHR/EMR/ e-Clinical note records

Visual Outcomes is designed to store clients demographics, healthcare information and to capture their state of health across time.

24/7 Online Clinic /Patient Portal (VOiSite)

VOiSite is Visual Outcomes online portal; a web-based browser application.A client becomes a member of their healthcare team and an active decision maker;keeping  them engaged online in their own journey. 

CRM / Newsletters inbuilt Marketing campaigns

Visual Outcomes focuses on the provisioning and delivery of services to keep your customers happy and referring more people. The notifications and CRM tools have your staff and your clients in good contact for the best relationship building in their everyday processes 


We bring a team of support "heroes" with our enthusiastic help desk team.

They will listen and give you the advice with a combined experience of healthcare software and Visual Outcomes of over 30 years. There are options for remote support and assisted support to fix and issue as quickly and as thoughtfully as we can. 


Enterprise Healthcare

Visual Outcomes is the only software that can support the true growth of a clinic with a measured approach. Making a business sustainable in its new model is what an enterprise software must do for you. Visual Outcomes provides a set of inbuilt tools. 

And our experience as an Enterprise Healthcare Business software provides consulting and online Services to deliver Enterprise Resource Planning and reporting / enterprise business SWOT analysis

Visual Outcomes enterprise business management services can set up the clinic with your leadership; we will then assist with cultural change management and role training 

             Join the happy community of Visual Outcomes customers and request a demo  Request a Demo    

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