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Multi-Disciplinary ..  Multi-Clinic

There is a rapid shift to patient centric multi-disciplinary health care for patients to be involved and to see the improvement in their own health outcomes.

Visual Outcomes multi-disciplinary-multi clinic solution is the insurance protection for the healthcare practice of today that is growing for tomorrow!

An article by Frimpong, et al. (2017) in Harvard Business Review (HBR) was titled, When Health Care Providers Look at Problems from Multiple Perspectives, Patients Benefit.  Understandably, the authors call for a multidisciplinary care team model that brings together different providers.  Visual Outcomes service providers such as chiropractic, physiotherapy, naturopathy, osteopathy, psychology, podiatry, medical GP, primary care teams, allied health providers, occupational therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, exercise physiology and acupuncture. 

Visual Outcomes offers specific workspaces and Features within one application, accessed via secured login for the Front Desk, Practitioners, Management etc. Our reporting is beyond measure and with our Unified Single Database, data is in real time, complete and offers information required to place your clients in the center of their health they and reporting to assist in your clinic being extremely efficient.

As a TEAM, the client and the clinic work together providing the absolute best health outcome!

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