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Practice Management

  • Dashboard displays
  • Practice efficiency focus
  • Client portal engagement
  • Self-management tools for clients
  • Online payments
  • Flexible appointment scheduler
  • Reminders recalls/notifications
  • Document filing/scanning
  • Online messaging
  • Newsletters/feedback
  • CRM/personalized care
  • Billings/Insurance RCM
  • Population payments
  • Internal communications
  • ‘Real time’ practice reports
  • In-house shop/library
  • Full inventory management
  • Tailored work flow efficiencies
  • Audit trails and reports
  • Customized business reports
  • Versatile payment methods
  • Claims management tools
  • Direct export to accounting
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Data integrity
  • Financial reports
  • Value based care management
  • Online practice KB/help desk
  • Remote support/cloud services
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Clinical Note Recording

  • Templates and Macros
  • Clinical Docs upload/file
  • Medical charting
  • Digital body charts/images
  • E-Prescribing (Pharma/Supplements)
  • Patient education online
  • Remote health management
  • Online patient compliance/regimes
  • Secure PHI/online communications
  • Intra-clinic communications
  • Client-centric interoperability
  • Shared care plans online
  • Mobile clinician/smart phone
  • E-visits/portal/telehealth
  • Patient Outcomes Reporting
  • E-Referrals
  • Correspondence tracking
  • Clinic-defined checklists
  • Critical alerts
  • Population risk management
  • Flexible code/classification inbuilt
  • Online bookings new/classes
  • Patient outcomes tracking
  • Surveys and feedback
  • Informed consent
  • Up-to-date data standards
  • Client-centric uploads/My Health Record

It's all online:

  • Support desk
  • Easy search FAQ/knowledge base
  • Remote-in help/cloud services


I love the new Customer Portal. I just log in and have all the answers at my fingertips. And not just FAQs, but videos with step-by-step instruction.

Helena Perth, Australia

The direct feedback I get from my patients is invaluable and allows me to give them my full attention during a treatment session.

Richard Los Angeles, USA

This is a clinical information system that supports our providers approach to on-boarding new clients. The providers and the clients love the portal. It gets us lots of new bookings and now online payments in 2019. Our front desk loves the online intake forms/consents – they go straight into the patient file for our doctors to see before the visit. Visual Outcomes has saved us so much time but we now see unique value of all the data entry - we get ‘real time’ information for reporting and our business analysis.

Lachlan Sydney, Australia

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VO-iSite "The Portal"

  • It is more than self-management of bookings and payments online
  • It is built into your website within your clinic rules
  • 24/7 Clinician.Clinic.Client Online
  • Secured Online Access
  • New bookings
  • Payments online
  • Promote clinic classes
  • Peer classes video consultations
  • Client/patient engagement tool
  • Tracking clinical outcomes
  • Interoperability functionalities
  • Load clinical summaries
  • Limit authorised users’ access
  • Set up shared care plans
  • Telehealth/video remote consultations
  • Provider access to own clinic rostering
  • Provider can view today's appointments list
  • Providers can make appointments online
  • Smart phone use/remote clinic appointments
  • Client and clinician ease of communication
  • Load files for the client to see at home
  • Client adds requested information from home
  • Pre-consultation views
  • Portal use is saving time for all
  • Use as a kiosk at reception/self-arrival
  • Arrival screen to see resources/next patient
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Data is King for healthcare in 2020

  • Enterprise reporting facilities
  • Query builder for non-SQL users
  • Have all the data at your fingertips
  • Get ready to grow your healthcare business
  • Real time data analysis/review cycles of R&D
  • Stakeholder emailed-report set ups
  • Set up team goals/create dashboards
  • Work towards your future with Visual Outcomes

Introducing Query Builder - Create digestible information in a visual display – Real time!

Research shows that good decisions are supported by good data. Data entry and data governance is a unique strength of Visual Outcomes.

Decision makers are supported by data accuracy and data well visualized; we have now added a ‘visualizing tool’ for your data - Visual Outcomes Query Builder!

Now bring all the data that your clinic enters in its processes to life! No need to send for the SQL specialist; Query Builder is a Visual Outcomes tool that DOES NOT require a SQL specialist!

Query Builder can create visuals of your data using ‘real time’ data and analytics. Pull business information easily; email or print a meaningful bar/pie chart scatter or other diagram.

Open the Query Builder and create amazing diagrams of all your data.

Analytics and predictive reporting; incentive schemes and performance /goal setting. Set up a KPI – then run it – then decide if you want it to run monthly/quarterly across personnel/ clinics.

Ask for a demo of Query Builder; join a webinar with our support team.

We made the transition to digital notes over three year ago - I now can see the value of data entry as Visual Outcomes has an infinite capacity to ‘show me the data’. Our clinic is multi-specialist and now truly working as a team with supportive reporting from Visual Outcomes. The patient knows more about their own outcomes; and more than ever is engaged in their healthcare journey with us. Visual Outcomes gives our providers reports for their entitlements according to their performance; data that is transparent means no more arguments. Thanks to Visual Outcomes we are a happy and productive patient centered team

Leanna Sydney, Australia

Query Builder gives insight - I run queries on the fly and assess very quickly. Meetings are easy as I am prepared before with visual KPIs for the team. I can email a very visual report to the owners re business performance which makes decisions so much clearer for everyone.

Bradley Melbourne, Australia