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There is a single instance of the Visual Outcomes application installed on each local device for each customer organization and each logged on user will have their own functional role of interface needs

Visual Outcomes maintains many user advantages as a non-web-based application. The local user benefits fromm tailored screens; this approach of Visual Outcomes is focused on delivering a rich user experience. 

A "clinical user" can have their work flow configured for their log on.

The physician user will only need to see what is relevant for their daily work flow.

Request your style of clinical work: templates can be created to your specifications.

Visual Outcomes is highly configurable.

The local device/PC is set up per logged on Windows user

 Access what you need when you need it at your fingertips

- create an ease of day to day processes

 We can tailor the interface to your healthcare or medical specialty with Visual Outcomes. 

As a group of clinical users your interface is tailored to your needs.   


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