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Client Access/Portal

New clients bookings, all appointments have the option of a telehealth session and more clients want to pay online and be able to self-manage their appointment schedule. Save your clinic and staff time and grow your appt bookings with online facilities of Visual Outcomes: the new healthcare.


This is Visual Outcomes online clinic/ client access or portal. it is ready for you: VOiSite is a secured site as it is an extension of your cloud services and a web-based browser application for new client bookings directly into your appointment book according to your clinic rules.

Accessed from any device as user-secured pre-credentialed.

  • It is more than self-management of bookings and payments online
  • It is built into your website within your clinic rules
  • 24/7 Clinician.Clinic.Client Online
  • Secured Online Access
  • New bookings
  • Payments online
  • Promote clinic classes
  • Peer classes video consultations
  • Client/patient engagement tool
  • Tracking clinical outcomes
  • Interoperability functionalities
  • Load clinical summaries
  • Limit authorized users’ access
  • Set up shared care plans
  • Telehealth/video remote consultations
  • With online cc payments STRIPE
  • Provider access to own clinic rostering
  • Provider can view today's appointments list
  • Providers can make appointments online
  • Providers can make new appointments online 
  • Smartphone use/remote clinic appointment notes 
  • Client and clinician ease of messaging 
  • Load files for the client to see at home
  • Client adds requested information from home
  • Pre-consultation views
  • New client bookings online; acc to your rules
  • Use of the online clinic is saving time for all
  • Use as a kiosk at reception/self-arrival
  • Arrival screen to see resources in waiting areas/next patient timing 

Healthcare... your clients want more and more to be online for them

Contact us now and see the way online clinics work - VOiSite  Request a Demo

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