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Visual Outcomes nurtures clients and builds loyalty for your clinic.

From the first contact the new client online is able to be  profiled as to their preferences and goals.

Stay in tune with their needs every appointment with their input pre-consultation; the reason for the appointment and how they are feeling.

Be able to be maintained as a progressive data point for retrospective analysis as to successful outcomes with the client.

Visual Outcomes is built to display the level of progress and satisfaction of your clients: drive growth and profits from more referrals!

Data of integrity = Good and reliable facts for great decision-making

Knowing your clients

Visual Outcomes gives you the information regarding your clients health and past history, giving you the inside knowledge to make great future health plans with them. 

Tracking your clients

Visual Outcomes assist you in tracking your clients information over time.  Maximizes data collection, gives integrity for research and provides for accurate real time reporting and analysis.

Reaching your clients

Custom templates created directly in Visual Outcomes, including fully functional HTML newsletters and advertising materials can be sent via SMS and Email

Communicating with your clients

Visual Outcomes is dedicated to CRM and includes tools to create, send and review messages sent to Clients by email or SMS

Let our team show you how easy it is to use the inbuilt marketing engine of Visual Outcomes 

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