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Stripe payment is a secured system; credit card information is not kept in Visual Outcomes. Stripe is a secured online payment method for clients to pay invoices, products, and services.

Introducing iPrescribe: Create prescriptions, approve renewals and sign pending scripts in seconds. Anywhere.

MIMS provides concise expert summaries of prescribing information for prescription products alongside a range of other quick-reference prescribing tools including comparison tables, guideline summaries, visual guides and a constantly updated list of drug shortages.

HICAPS terminals are Australia's leading all-in-one payment and claiming solution for healthcare businesses.

Empower Secure, Clinical Health Information Exchange
With DataMotion, you can reduce complexities in your clinical workflows through easy integration of Direct Secure Messaging. Enable interoperability between providers, patients and payers – and your clinical applications to improve outcomes and work more efficiently

Australia’s messaging system; Secure messaging network


Terminology Solutions - Problem (IT) and Procedure (IT)

eMEDIX is integrated within Visual Outcomes claims management as the clearing house for electronic claims and ERAs.


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