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Healthcare is increasingly a "team effort . As the team becomes more complex, Visual Outcomes keeps the client in the center of their own journey. As the team increases in the number and type of healthcare professionals, Visual Outcomes keeps their communication simple and within the one platform of secure messaging between providers. We even allow for external providers to the team to have authorized access for the shared care plan management. The client knows you are all communicating about their needs. And the whole the provider team from medical to non-medical and allied healthcare professionals are embracing a new way of working together. Visual Outcomes can offer the software role of a CARE MANAGER to hold the hand of the client in the more complex of health journeys and co-ordinate the journey of services, progress appointments and track satisfaction across the clients and the care team (This is called the Quadruple Aim of healthcare satisfaction in 2021). Visual Outcomes supports a joining together around the needs of the client - the client as a decision maker and active BUT always in the center of their own healthcare journey. A team based clinic can now track client centric outcomes with the clients as part of the team in the online clinic portal VOiSite. The new healthcare providers easily accommodate the client-centric preferences for care types in Visual Outcomes; all track the improved outcomes that result.

This 2020 approach to healthcare delivery is all about the client as the “new team player” in the center of their healthcare team and making active decisions as to their health journey and demonstrating better health outcomes.

This Team Approach = better business outcomes and better clinical outcomes

Visual Outcomes Enterprise Business Services will demonstrate your growth; increasing efficiencies and reduced  costs of delivery.

Visual Outcomes data management platform is hosted in the secure environment of Amazon Web Services AWS around the world.

Your clinic data is only stored in the local country AWS servers with the latest of all maintenance, routine optimizations and related services 

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Visual Outcomes is a single Unified Database. With its many Features it is  able to be a complete client centric healthcare data management platform in itself. The single database and related services are fully hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS cloud services)with full maintenance services including back-ups DR- ready, and routine performance optimization. 

Cloud technology provides for  partnering of other healthcare software with API standards for Visual Outcomes in place. The customers hosted in the cloud are able to access the speed and ease of seamless remote support services when needed.

The Visual Outcomes healthcare data management platform is built in a Microsoft .Net environment, with a Windows OS. Visual Outcomes maintains many user advantages of non-web-based applications. As a local installation there is much more flexible interface for users, a richer experience for users as Windows-based application and the services of highly configurable security and functional roles in a clinic.

Visual Outcomes is one unified database supports complete Practice Management, Clinical note recording for all types of specialties, prescribing and lab ordering, online patient/client engagement, marketing tools, CRM and business management and financial reports for analysis.

With all the data collected across CRM clinical measures and client centric outcomes tracking; used against the collected data of costs and conditions in the client/ patient database this is a fertile platform. The result is high quality information for all the stakeholders in your clinic organization. Serving all the clinic stakeholders within one platform, through the infinite data relationships queried from the database is unique to Visual Outcomes.

Visual Outcomes reporting, statistical output and analyses of immeasurable value.

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