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Full Practice Management

Visual Outcomes is built for  business success.

It provides management for any style of practice or clinic network with system-wide tools configured or tailored layouts per functional role from a practitioner-type to the clinic book keeper. 

Visual Outcomes will be tailored for great outcomes of administrative areas, quality client relationship building, managing many disciplines, costs +treatment+ outcomes reporting, financial KPIs, an array of enterprise business features, learning and educational outcomes. 

Appointment scheduler/Book

We can say that the pivotal role of the Appointment scheduler /book is very clear to all users of Visual Outcomes. The flexibility of its design has developed with much valued inoput from our wonderful customers. There is little that cant be achieved in this area of clinic and patient management.  See the comprehensive list of features. And when you request a demo - ask that 'wish list' question you have always wanted! We are llikely to have it already or can easily add it.

Financial management tools

All your needs are confirmed at the time of the implementation of Visual Outcomes and during clinic configuration. The range of tools is discussed and the standard tools made available at standard configuration to the security levels as roles in the clinic. 

all is discussed and done at the discretion of your Visual Outcomes CEO or perosnnel with these same Admin rights in the system for the running of a secured access as to Financials and Reports.

Visual Outcomes provides comprehensive:

Risk management information allows authorized users to audit selected areas of the program:

  • Identify what happened, when it happened and who made it happen
  • Track and analyze issues raised by management or by clients
  • Review the performance of individual Visual Outcomes users in the practice where errors are occurring
  • Errors in what users did in operating Visual Outcomes or actions outside clinic protocols can be tracked, analyzed and resolved

Areas of Audits and Security access management:
  • Appointment Calendar
  • Personnel Roster – including exceptions
  • Personnel Service Roster – including exceptions
  • All financial entries 
  • Invoices – services, stock and other
  • Receipts
  • Credit
  • Plan sales
  • Refunds
  • Pricing – services, stock
  • Logon and log off
  • Opening the till
  • Client Wizard – Mandatory Data page

Customizable report services management

Easy to create reports that will keep you up to date regarding your clinics progress.

Built-in report engine for statistics generation 

Statistics that will drive your clinic.  Easy to use and dynamic.

Personnel Performance reporting 
Standard KPI (Key Performance Indicator) reporting is in three forms:

  • Raw data – the statistics in grid, pivot or chart form
  • Weekly Trend data – suited to charts
  • Monthly Trend data – suited to charts

Analyses service for enterprise business 

Visual Outcomes provides their experience and expertise in business services in healthcare enterprise business in many services tailored to your needs.  

Financial management information

  • Claim Manager
  • Billable Items
  • External Providers

Visual Outcomes is a powerful and flexible integrated practice management software with access configured based on login credentials; whether you are Front Desk staff, Practitioner or Management, what is necessary for your workflow will be configured specifically for what you require and provides easy-to-use options to expedite normal practice management functions, such as patient registration, insurance eligibility verification, billing, clinical notes, pharmacies and labs. 

We also integrate with some third party application, click here to review our Partners

Higher Efficiency

Having all your major day-to-day business functions in one place makes for better workflow, easier collaboration between team members, and better project management. Task automation eliminates menial, repetitive work and gives more time for the cognitive tasks humans are best at. Dashboards and analytics will help you gain insights into your work and optimize all kinds of business processes.

Let us show you how complete we are 

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