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All in one platform  

Visual Outcomes is modeled on the client in their own journey ©2021 

Visual Outcomes is a 10-year established healthcare platform with full inventory management and a global reach of practice management features and practitioner-specific operational functionalities.  

Visual Outcomes is dedicated to achieving successful outcomes for all, measured by client-centric outcomes tracking alongside clinical outcomes and pathology tracking with client feedback online. 

Visual Outcomes is about the Quadruple Aim: business owners and clinician satisfaction alongside client /patient satisfaction, with great treatment outcomes and efficiencies of healthcare costs. 


Many advantages of Visual Outcomes as a unified healthcare data management platform  

  1. Full inventory management in the same platform 
  2. Clinical flows and online bookings for locations and a virtual clinic  
  3. Remote health care management including telehealth  
  4. Online clinic access/ portal for clients of the clinic  
  5. Engaged and active clients are decision makers in their own journey 
  6. Medical and non-medical processes accommodated as a team approach  
  7. Team care plans shared online: the client as part of the team  
  8. Individual health journeys online exchange; client-centric outcomes tracking 
  9. Enterprise business development management services; dashboard reporting  
  10. Data integrity in Visual Outcomes delivers to IPO level of financial requirements  



Online bookings for telehealth and in clinic appointments 

Clients can upload information to their own clinical file online 

Practitioners see what clients uploaded, pre consult and during consultation 

Use Telehealth and virtual consultations as a booking option online 

Remote online questionnaires and management of client programs   

Online ordering of supplements 

  • Individual programs managed 
  • Order online repeats 
  • Self-record journey > testimonials  
  • Bookings online 
  • Virtual appointments 
  • Client-centric models of interoperability  
  • Record securely and with client consented management planning of crossovers 


Full Dispensary 

On the shelf products 

  • Quality control of batches delivered and re traceable  

Ranges of prescribed formulae  


Ordering online  

Full inventory management  

All automated as stock ordering /receiving/ barcodes/ min and max stock levels 

All stock take management and profit/sales analysis and reporting 


Enterprise Business Services of Visual Outcomes 

Set goals for specific clinics and identified ‘teams’ in Visual Outcomes  

Create Value: analyze the utilization profile of bookings and clinical throughput 

Observe in daily reports attendances cancellations and ordering levels  

Marketing analysis to set email campaigns e,g, highest sales across client profiles  

Set rewards with a dashboard of KPIs  

Focus on each of the clinics /dispensary profitability and quality improvements 

Select reports to be deidentified and used for staff/practitioner motivation daily 

Set up automated stakeholder reporting on a weekly /monthly or quarterly basis 

Peer reviews across practitioner-types/ clinic standards and goal setting/ KPIs and reward in dashboards across the groups 

Financial entitlements calculated according to agreed algorithms in the platform  

Reports for individuals as to the agreed method of calculated entitlements  

All data is identified as from the transaction within the Visual Outcomes platform  

Keep entitlements calculations transparent to minimize disagreements and optimize the relationships of business owners and clinic staff/teams of workers  

Tailored reporting and data analytics with a ‘Topic- in focus’ for online business sessions 

Meeting with stakeholders regularly online as enterprise business team 

Review dashboards of ‘real time’ data from KPIs to client patterns and profitability progress 

See daily/weekly updates to see that the goals and vision of the organization is on track 



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