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where are we going and how we can get you thereVisual Outcomes target market is any “Health” clinic with a plan to grow; a leader with a vision and a team of practitioners with one or two clinics and a view to expand the healthcare model they are developing.  We manage many practitioner types, in ambulatory settings of any “health” field.  We focus specifically on helping you walk your client through their health journey, with your client involved as much as is possible. We support day surgeries and the new emerging health models of teams of integrated care in areas of chronic healthcare conditions.   

Visual Outcomes will work well with you in planning and configuring what you need in your software for great business outcomes as much as great clinical outcomes. And all is tracked with the best of data collections and dashboard displays. Visual Outcomes will help all to make great data-driven decisions about their health. We are Client, Clinic, Clinician focused and well suited to an enterprise approach to support vertical integration of new healthcare like no other. As an example, clinics and business operations that deliver the products and services of medical Marijuana requires this level of software capabilities. We can manage suppliers, inventory, and then track client progress with research grade outcomes questionnaires for your marketing and reporting requirements.  

 Visual Outcomes provides one unified platform so the ROI is not needing extra software for your healthcare delivery, all is in the one system. So easy to have one training, one software with full online support, visual displays of the data reporting all configured as you need.  We can handle any fee for service, insurance billing and health plans, and no matter your clinic type  

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