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Welcome 2021

Here we go into a world of uncertainty where we are still unsure daily as to what is normal.

What is for sure, is we are increasingly aware of the importance of data security and more remote online healthcare. 2021 requires vigilance in the choices made in a world of online healthcare and related services increase. As the world of 2021 embraces the use of more and more online sessions. Visual Outcomes is supporting dynamic vigilance as to cybersecurity and user access risk management. We announce the new release this week with a booking schedule now for upgrades to this latest version over the next 6 weeks. Please read the below highlights and attached document.


2020 was a tumultuous year of challenge and change. Many individuals who resisted remote healthcare as too “distant” embraced the safety of home-based care and these online sessions. There is wide acceptance of remote care as now a normal type of appointment; just online. Payers accept it as a valid service. Clients themselves are particularly notable in their acceptance of these sessions as follow ups and check-ins with them as to health changes and personal health programs.  Request a demo and latch this facility on to your Visual Outcomes platform.

Online bookings –   new clients book directly in your website

In 2021, you have the option of adding ‘NEW to the Clinic’ bookings as you want them booked. The set up of services follows what times and days you want to drive those bookings. When Visual Outcomes web-based portal (VOiSite) is implemented you automatically have practitioners seeing their appts and existing clients can book online. Now, you can add NEW to the Clinic bookings online directly, not via a third-party software. This is your own secured booking system. Please review the attached new features document.

Payments online – Stripe secured credit cards managed only by your client (patients).

Stripe payment is a secured system; credit card information is not kept in Visual Outcomes. Stripe is a secured online payment method for clients to pay invoices, products, and services.

Customer data protection (User password security and TFA)

Visual Outcomes has increasing required authentication online and optimizing password changes.

Visual Outcomes supports your risk management of unauthorized access to customer data:

1. Password change standards enforcing a complexity-type of user password

(Password audit service is available for your user password change protocol management)

2. Two Factor Authentication (TFA) adds access security for existing users on web-based portal (VOiSite) as a client(patient), online practitioner or other authorized personnel.


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