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holistic.jpgVisual Outcomes for the emerging clinics that practice holistic, integrative healthcare; alternative health practitioners working as a team with conventional medicine. And with the client as an active patient in the team online. How do we do it? 

Visual Outcomes’ programmers and developers work with a team who are experienced across both alternative medicine and conventional medical practice specialties. This gives Visual Outcomes the edge in what it takes to have software deliver a successful business model of holistic, integrative teams. These are clinics that are the future, a client as an active participant in their healthcare decisions as to better health outcomes with their team of healthcare professionals.  Visual Outcomes sees these clinics as an enterprise business where the owners of the clinics listen to the healthcare needs and wants of the healthcare community and patients in their healthcare decisions. These clinics need a secure online clinic that will deliver safe personal health consultations easily. These are the clinics that use their data to review the business with accurate information collected in their own database and displayed for the user groups as to their performance and clinic KPIs. These clinics can thereby safely and steadily expand as an enterprise; to grow in scope of practice and number of locations easily. Visual Outcomes is fully scalable from one to 100’s of clinics. Visual Outcomes supports all types of health and medical specialties as a team clinic from chiropractic to medical marijuana and fee for service “services” such as cosmetic day surgery and complementary health clinics. Much time has been spent developing the functionality of the software to allow for successful health journeys with the clients as well as growth for all clinic types.  


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