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chrome_f2Y17BJePl.pngClients personal exchange and online files (web portal) 

Accessing the web based online portal is quick and easy with a personalized link found on your clinic’s website.  Credentials are assigned to your client through Visual Outcomes, allowing them freedom to log into their own data stored on the single database platform found on AWS cloud.  This will give them access to intake forms, questionnaires, payment and invoice details, their personal profile and the results they need to make decisions for themselves, while working with you as a team for success. 


Clinicians access to ‘virtual clinic’ telehealth and online remote care tools (web portal) 

Convenient and remote appointment management with clinical notes are available on their web based online portal. Clinicians can review Today's appointment list and start their clinical sessions; they can use speech to text and finalize notes back in the office. Easy creation of new client appointments, clinicians love that they can view and alter their rostered hours ahead and move or make follow-up appointments and send themselves reminders for documentation when back in the office e.g., send out questionnaires and consents.  All this and more via their smartphone. 

Clinic administration/front desk – online messages /load results and exchange files (web portal) 

Use of the online web portal makes it easy for the front desk and back office in managing all the clinic appointments. The ease of the “Inbuilt” online bookings within Visual Outcomes software is built for 100% secured personal health information management. All your New to clinic “online bookings” can be set up according to your clinic rules from screening a prospective new client for suitability to allowing all to make a direct appointment in your scheduler from the web; all protected within Visual Outcomes security set up. And of course, online payment is available with a secured Stripe system inbuilt. Your existing clients can self- arrive/confirm their appointments directly, managing their own appointments according to your clinic rules and complete their intake forms and update their profile directly in their file; all online. A true time saver for your front desk and administration.  

The Clinic-Clinicians-Clients work seamlessly together online 
Personal health information is 100% securely managed online, inbuilt within Visual Outcomes 
Visual Outcomes supports a team focused on the best outcomes for each health journey; all online. 

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