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growth.jpgVisual Outcomes is built around your patients/clients as an interactive healthcare journey.  Keeping them in the center with your team easily allows you to see their progress. Use the many inbuilt business reports automatically run for all the owners and staff as required with full security of access. 

Do you want your patients to be more involved in their own health outcomes? They will get better results when they are engaged and active with you online. Do you want this to be all 100% securely done with them online? Visual Outcomes is the best-of breed for online secured portal in 2022; no third-party software for all bookings and sessions online. VOiSite is the online portal all built within Visual Outcomes – minimize all the internet access security risks. Visual Outcomes is a complete solution for 2022 healthcare. 

Help clients have a great life with easy involvement in their own health journey, working with your clinic healthcare team online. Visual Outcomes will offer online remote care, personal satisfaction tracking, full e-prescribing and herbal dispensing all as a 100% secured personal health information (PHI) exchange 

Show your patient/client how to have life more abundantly full of all that is your health. Start with a demonstration of how Visual Outcomes will run the clinic and manage each client keeping them in the center of their own health journeys with your team. Visual Outcomes is a complete solution for the clinic; full practice software that will help you and your practitioners work as a team from clinical notes to billing and outcomes tracking with your clients. In 2022 give more online care and a secured portal for tracking their health goals. They can learn how to live life more abundantly!  

We offer many features and functions including:

  • Client centric data collection across costs, treatment outcomes and satisfaction measures.   
  • Web-based access for remote care 
  • Secured inbuilt online portal(VOiSite) 
  • All is linked to your own clinic website for easy online bookings 
  • All is secured as access for clients and your practitioners online 
  • Appointment calendar/scheduler is built for multiple clinics, multiple practitioners and many types of services easily managed with variable price structures 
  • An easy roster allowing for configuration of your unique style of appointment scheduler 
  • Easy access to the client’s records for online practitioners from your clinic; updating records via any device connected to the internet.  
  • Business management and finance planning meetings are easy with reports of real time data within Visual Outcomes; all from the single database hosted on AWS cloud services. 
  • Statistical reporting easily shows the picture of clinic growth/profitability  
  • Visual Outcomes business services show what needs to be done for a better bottom line. 
  • Our team will configure Visual Outcomes based on your clinic's goals and current needs. 
  • In-application help documents are created for easy access to any answers when in application.  
  • There is a communications engine inbuilt for all CRM and communications using all the clinic and client data for “mail merge templates”.  
  • Build reports and set them to be emailed to your owners and other business advisors 

Do you need to support your growing clinic?   

Do you need better financial reporting? 

Do you offer several payment models and offer discounts for groups or work as a ‘fee for service’ practice?

Do you combine the benefits of natural health and pharmaceutical medicine?

Do you offer medical alternatives and shared medical appointments online and in the clinic?  

Do you have educational classes and prescribing online in your clinic services?   

If you offer herbs, vitamins and lifestyle medicine such as Medical Marijuana with a broad client-centric approach to everyone to their "health needs”? Then Visual Outcomes is your solution.  

Do you need warehouse/shop -style of full inventory management; we can assist with inbuilt F&F.  

Do you want to see progress as your clinic grows; see client outcomes tracking as well as clinic growth 

     For Example : Medical Marijuana is becoming one of the new holistic healthcare services available more and more.  Visual Outcomes is built to serve enterprise healthcare such as Medical Marijuana clinics.   

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