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How Visual Outcomes can help you grow with financial reporting

business-report-statement-graph-data-analysis-document-company-117852035.jpgVisual Outcomes has a single or one unified database set up. All is managed for you in the secured services of AWS Cloud technology. All your data analytics and dashboards of requested information are done from the same database which collects and collates all that you enter as part of your day-to-day process. Access this business information from any web-based device, access to easy reporting and statistics is made easy with these services. The advantage of Visual Outcomes is that we do this for you within the same database. No need for any add on software that adds costs and training complications. The output is delivered back into your day-to-day Visual Outcomes application on to the same PCs and devices you use in the clinic as a clinician, clinic administrator or management team.  
All the data as to business review and planning cycles is delivered to you at the right time and in the right format for quality decisions or data-based planning.  financial information you need is exportable in many formats, which will allow for uploading this important financial information into your accounting package, as well as manipulating the data for management review.  This will give your team the information needed regarding open accounts, delinquent accounts, complex payment models, debtor management and many KPIs.  Request a personal online presentation today!


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