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healthy.jpgRinging in the new year 2022 with a software that will be there for you

With the start of the new year 2022, let’s take a look at your practice; no matter what practice you have there are changes in our healthcare world with new ways of working with clients active online in their own healthcare journeys. Online telehealth and remote care management with clients active online requires safe and secure information at all times. We have inbuilt tools to assist you with reaching out to your clients via telehealth (Visual Outcomes own online web portal). This online ‘virtual clinic’ allows for e-prescribing, telehealth on your phone, group appointments and online classes. All your clients can book online, pay online and the clinic practitioners can use this secured web access for reviewing appointments and remote clinical notes. 

The current culture of medicine in 2022 is directly making us all rethink the way we serve each person; all our clients want to know their information is safe.  

Only some software can offer the focus on security that is Visual Outcomes; all in one database with an inbuilt online portal and virtual clinic. In 2022, above everything, your patient health information must be protected from online cyber crime. There is a huge and growing threat for healthcare and medical clinics and Visual Outcomes works with all practices helping you see for yourself a steady growth with all data kept safe from cybersecurity threats and online vulnerabilities.  

2022 is the year to have software that can grow your clinical and business success. We support enterprise healthcare with 30 years' experience in the set-up of integrated medical and allied care.  

Albert Einstein said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.”  And also said to us all , “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change” 

Change is the result of all that the world has experienced in the last 2 years of COVID. The year of 2022 is the year you may need to review the software that can support your needs; giving you the clinical and business success you want. Get on the fast track with our easy to learn complete practice management solution. All client contact, newsletters and emails are inbuilt and tracked so CRM is made easy. And all business and enterprise reporting is in the one place; reports automatically sent to your stakeholders. 

All your data is in one database= All the answers are at your fingertips. One Software does it all! 

We train your users online, run tutorials to keep all aware of new Features & Functions, have great help documents for re-training and review. ROI with one software only needed to save time on training support and IT set-ups. We will work with you all the way during the implementation and training process, right through to track with you, a steady path to your clinic's success. 


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