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Complete Practice Management 
Dashboard displays 
Practice efficiency focus 
Client portal engagement 
Client Self-management online
Online payments 
Flexible appointment scheduler 
Reminders/ recalls/notifications 
Document filing/scanning 
Appointment reminders
Online messaging 
Newsletter management
CRM/personalized care 
Snared Care Plans online 
Billings and RCM 
Bulk payment management
Insurance case management
Internal communications 
‘Real time’ practice reports 
In-house shop/library 
Full inventory management 
    transfer between Clinics
    back orders
    inventory management
    automated ordering levels
    a full stock trading account
    turnover analysis
    sales analysis
User workflows 
Audit trails and reports 
Enterprise business reports 
All payment models
Claims case management
Direct export of data
Enterprise resource planning 
Data Analysis Services
Financial Integrity 
Value based reports
Wiki Search for users

VO-iSite "The Portal" 
Self-management of bookings 
Self-management of payments
24/7 Clinician. Clinic. Client Online 
Secured Online Access 
New bookings 
Payments online 
Promote clinic classes 
Online classes  
Client/patient engagement 
Tracking clinical outcomes 
Interoperability functionalities 
Load clinical summaries 
Limit authorized users’ access 
Set up shared care plans 
Telehealth/video remote consultations 
Provider access to own clinic rostering 
Provider can view today's appointments list 
Providers can make appointments online 
Smartphone use/remote clinic appointments 
Client and clinician ease of communication 
Load files for the client to see at home 
Client adds requested information from home 
Pre-consultation interviews
Use as a kiosk at reception/self-arrival 
Arrival screen to see resources/next patient

Clinical teams
All disciplines in the one clinical screen
Tailored clinical templates
Configurable clinical flows
Set up your personal preferences 
CRM dashboard for each client as to clinical needs
Alerts can be set to show each session or display only
Use generic intake plus specialty-specific questions
Clinical measures tracking graphs online
Client-centric outcomes scored within VO
Client dashboards of their progress
Partners for all medical processes USA and Australasia
Add a research marker for in clinic studies
Consents online and automatically kept up to date
Secure messaging options beyond proprietary networks
Personal health information secured at all times
    Enterprise healthcare services
Good business decisions supported
 Your business vision and Tailored data analysis
‘Visualizing your data' as Dashboard Reports
VO enterprise services create visuals of your data using ‘real time’ data and analytics. 
See meaningful information easily; email or print a meaningful bar/pie chart scatter or other diagram. 
Set up incentive schemes performance /goal setting. 
Online sessions agreed monthly/quarterly across personnel/ clinics. 
Real time data analysis/review cycles of R&D 
Get ready to grow your healthcare business 
Stakeholders are emailed reports
Set up team goals/create KPI dashboards 
Achieve your vision with Visual Outcomes
Data is King in all Healthcare Businesses!
Have all the data at your fingertips!

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