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Visual Outcomes is a Complete Healthcare Data Management Platform 

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Why is data so important?

We provide users with as much real time healthcare data  from the natural flow  built within every process. The day to day processes are a minefield of useful information - only if you can tap into it. 

Visual Outcomes does that for a medical and healthcare clinic. This information has  integrity because it is directly the information you and your clinic users have added inthe day to day processes of clinic administraion, clinical notes and RCM. This data is the meaningful flow of your clinic.

With the value of this real time data - Visual Outcomes has an inbuilt reporting engine to give you a great ROI on your investment into a complete data management system.

Visual Outcomes wants to bring you YOUR data in meaningful reports for good decison making as a clinician or as a business owner.

 Visual Outcomes is the Extra Staff Member you always wanted to check the quailty outcomes and deliver accurate reports as to financials and staff performance every time you need them.

Visual Outcomes is built to help you use the data 

-  to make good decisions, whether a clinical, administrative, or business stakeholder.

Visual Outcomes Brings the DATA!  

Find the answers you have always wanted!

And see answers easily in visually meaningful dashboards

Set up a service of 'real time' data as emailed /automated reports.


Data Flows Naturally within Visual Outcomes

Software that measures and manages clinic outcomes; good data-driven decisions

Patients want to be “Active” clients, interacting with their team online

Secured online payments/bookings, video consults/classes and remote care plans

Innovative leading edge of medical and healthcare business models for 10 years

We support 1000s of practitioners in the world to achieve their professional goals

Visual Outcomes brings real time data in visually meaningful charts tailored for you 

Good Quality Data = Great Information

Data flows naturally in your Visual Outcomes' healthcare platform every day!

Visual Outcomes' data integrity is the hallmark of this complete healthcare data management platform .

Data Collection beneath every process from clinical notes to billing details.

This  structured data collection means you can grow without having to add more software to what you have in the clinic.

!0 years ago the model of Visual Outcomes with its focus on structured data collection methodologies was not always understood by prospective customers. But as we all approach this new decade of healthcare and software data value more understand why it is more effective as one unified database. t

Visual Outcomes stands out ahead of any other system as future proofing the growth of your healthcare business.

Innovator for the coming decade

Visual Outcomes is a complete healthcare data management platform in one database.

Only Visual Outcomes offers one database for queries of infinite relationship and meaning for the clinic /business manager

All is queried in the one 'same' database. This unique model only delivers data of integrity in all reporting outputs for you

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise data analytics are used in Visual Outcomes for Enterprise Resource Planning ERP  supplied by the Enterprise Business Services of Visual Outcomes. These Services are able to offer the throughput for ERP projects in-house rather than another software with other support personnel and configuration costs.

Visual Outcomes Enterprise Business Services

More detailed service needs as to Business Reports and Data Analytics are the expertise of the Visual Outcomes Enterprise Business Services

We serve our customer organizations in many areas including special projects: 

  • Enterprise reporting configuration
  • Consulting facilities for Enterprise Resource Planning ERP
  • Showing meaningful  data 'at your fingertips
  • Services to grow your healthcare business
  • Real time data analysis/review cycles
  • Reviews and Business development as 12 month projects of R&D
  • Stakeholder emails as to key KPIs on a set period for tracking 
  • Automated report set-ups
  • Set up teamwork with data driven decisions 
  • Create a culture of "Data is King" and drive  goals
  • Specific Projects created as dashboards for key stakeholder

Work towards your future with Visual Outcomes

Gain insights from your data with key performance metrics around staffing and productivity, clinician participation, client or patient engagement in programs offered, and overall cost-effectiveness of the clinic.

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