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decisions.pngAre your clients involved in the decisions about their health journey?   Get great outcomes in 2022.

Visual Outcomes allows your clients to upload a journal and track their own behavior and medical progress with you; all online. The inbuilt secured portal and virtual clinic provides your clinic and team with online personal health information exchanges. Within this complete EHR PMS system of Visual Outcomes, securely hosted in the AWS cloud services, you have online bookings, payments and telehealth sessions at your fingertips.  

Visual Outcomes offers many features and functions for your team to interact with each of your clients online. The complete software can help you to promote your clinic. Template Manager, an effortless way to create newsletters, letters and promotional material to send to your clients. 2022 is the year of CRM and email campaigns to build your clinic to its greater growth again. Use our inbuilt CRM newsletter templates for regular communication. In 2022, get the clinic team set-up for a reward system measuring referrals and goals achieved.  

Visual Outcomes is dedicated to great team outputs. Having patients / clients online and the clinic admin/desk on the same page with the requirements of the clinical team of practitioners. 

2022 needs all ‘on the same page’ at the same time delivering the care needed by your patient/client when they need it!  

Great outcomes with each person knowing their part in the healthcare journey ahead; working as a team in Visual Outcomes! 

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