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Our norm is evolving.

online services.pngCOVID-19 has changed many things. We have to accept more to occur online than we were used to. With that in mind, we need more than ever a secure and safe healthcare information for the increase online healthcare consultations. The online or virtual clinic is inbuilt in Visual Outcomes offering a level of security for health journeys online. This is a must for every clinic as a responsible healthcare business from this year on. Protect your patients (your active clients online). Visual Outcomes has it!

VOiSite is a comprehensive facility of features and functions to make life online safe and secure.

VOiSite is our well-developed online web-based patient portal. Telehealth sessions, messaging and online self-payments allows the clinic, the clinician and the client to all securely communicate, share data and health information safely via the cloud AWS and only from within your own secured database.

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