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Innovative Software Solutions for Value Creation in Clinical Practice 

Written by Dr Sue-Ellen W. McKelvey DC PhD MBA 


The value-base of healthcare delivered is an ever-increasing focus in clinical practice. Business owners need to see the value in what they get from a healthcare software.  

The worldwide shut down of “normal healthcare relationships” in 2021 brings formidable challenges to all healthcare business owners. The world is expecting more interoperability and the people are wanting remote care, telehealth, more personalized care plans and greater transparency within their medical and healthcare processes.  


Healthcare business owners find they need more software!  

They may have already two or three software to support the basic functionality of their clinical practice, across appointment scheduling, billing RCM, all clinical notes and medical interoperability?  And in 2021, the clinic needs to add a patient portal. They need to add data “trawling” software; to get reports to regulators and payers.   

A practice needs to be managed more efficiently with all these new demands; multiple software is costly for a practice. What if the practice could use one software for all its needs; one that had all the required features and functions in the same database? Wouldn’t that deliver a great ROI on the move to that one software? 

ROI and change management 

The clinic and its business owners can trade off the pain of change with significant savings across all costs, from training to support and staff handovers ahead. All can use the same interface and only use one support desk and one set of training manuals. And all data is at their fingertips in the same database for all manner of data reports.  The different users are all secured with access to only what they need to see; all can view the clinical practice from only their point of view whether the Clinician Provider Team or the Financial Administration staff. All reports are secured to a user’s security role - from clinical outcomes to practice effectiveness, client satisfaction and outcomes scoring to all clinic resource allocations and utilization measures.   

Visual Outcomes is unique in being a one software for all these needs in 2021.  


Key to success — both clinical and financial — in 2021  

Learn to show your clinic efficiency, quality controls and outcomes of clinical care. This is only effectively managed with data from the one database; a software built to display real time data easily across all your daily clinical processes. Data of improved health outcomes, reduction of costs and review of clinic delivery teamwork.  And in 2021 make your clinical practice more responsive to the needs  of individual healthcare consumers:  client-centric value-based metrics at your fingertips.  


Consider just one software across your clinical practice needs.  

For 10 years Visual Outcomes has supported all types of allied, medical and new models of entrepreneurial clinical practices around the globe.  

As its core has always been a complete software across all payment models and types of providers, it is easily set up with all types of appointments, online and in-clinic; all billing management, clinical interoperability needs and full patient engagement.   


Successful partnering.  

Visual Outcomes can support smaller practices from 5-8 practitioners and one or two separate clinic locations. This is easy-to-use cost-effective software; it will cover all your clinical practice needs. Ask us to demonstrate value creation for your practice.  


Visual Outcomes is a master software to grow your health care business. 

This can take you from being a quality smaller clinical practice to being a large well-supported enterprise healthcare practice. Visual Outcomes supports you each step of the way; a core model of data reporting automated from beneath your day-to-day activities. Easy to read tailored dashboards for good decision-making is part of good data collection in this one seamless database. Visual Outcomes supports your goals.  

Visual Outcomes is a “Value creation software”. It has inbuilt KPI reporting and audit trails for your clinic staff and groups of providers to see their own value and stay accountable for quality and cost goal setting.    


This software sees “team” with a sense of shared accountability.  

Quality or cost issues arising from one member affects all. Visual Outcomes helps you to create an environment of healthcare team. Business leadership combined with clinical leadership supported in their goals across the clinic. A value-based creation in the clinical practice includes the measuring and monitoring of teamwork. Visual Outcomes can support a new culture focused on quality whilst eliminating inefficiencies, redundancies and waste – across all areas of clinical practice.  


Visual Outcomes is an innovative healthcare IT solution  

All data is collected from day-to-day processes; costs, treatment delivered and patient satisfaction. Analyze the most used of clinic services, report on billing management/ insurance/co-payments. Use reports across clinic and staff performance. Create novel data queries around clinic-based research projects. 

One unified platform of healthcare information includes: 

  • Fully integrated software for clinical and practice management solutions – What you can measure, and monitor is what is reproducible. Having a 'readily mined' database puts all the information at your fingertips: costs, treatments given and patient satisfaction and population outcomes.  For comprehensive value based clinical and business review, your IT solution should be comprehensive. Ideally all is in one software as a data management platform that offers you real time data analyses. This one platform has all you need; Electronic Medical Records, e-Prescribing and e-Laboratory and more.  
  • Fully integrated patient engagement solutions –A portal should offer patient solutions that include interaction in their own path: able to track their own care information from health/wellness monitoring devices and personal observations to loading of images or photos important to their healthcare journey. An engaged patient wants to confirm progress and manage compliance tracking. Their active behavioral changes can be measured this way. The inbuilt portal of Visual Outcomes is key. There is data that can show the value creation of your clinical practice as you build your patient base with these experiences.  
  • The bottom line: Creating a thriving business with a leading innovative software as a single solution for clinical practice.Plan for the best ROI in 2021 and request a demo of Visual Outcomes.  


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