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IT Structure 

The single healthcare platform in a secured single Cloud Based Database with .net Local Application installation gives users a rich experience and full control of local security access by user roles.  Web based online access VOiSite Portal uses Two-Factor Authorization (TFA).

Visual Outcomes Main Database is https (“cloud hosted”) not html (web -based) 

  1. Visual Outcomes is a MS SQL database that is cloud hosted (https) in AWS services.  
  2. Customer database, file servers hosted in AWS cloud services of Visual Outcomes.  
  3. Australian Customer data is kept in Sydney region, USA Customers databases in Ohio region.  
  4. Visual Outcomes runs on Windows operating system and is installed on each PC in your practice. 
  5. You may have Visual Outcomes on as many PCs as you like and does not require a local network. 
  6. All PC set up with direct Internet access to connect to VO cloud-based database and services. 

Visual Outcomes Online Portal (VOiSite) is web based (html) and accessed directly via any device online: Web based application that directly links to Customer’s database (secure online Client and Practitioner interaction with the clinic). Visual Outcomes Online Portal (VOiSite) works on any device with a valid Internet connection and browser. It is not a separate web app. It is a website linked to database.  

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